The Bear Den, Den 3,  is comprised of Scouts who are in the third grade or are 8 years old.   Meetings are held at the church on Mondays in the Atrium Room of the Annex Building from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on the weeks that there is no pack meeting.

Den Leaders

Stacy Goetz – Den Leader

Meeting Schedule



Cub Scouts earn adventures that are specific to their grade and rank.  A number of adventures must be completed to earn the badge of rank for each grade level. Adventures may be earned in any order.  Completion of adventures is how the aims of character, citizenship, leadership, and personal fitness are developed.

Required Adventures

Bear Claws

Most young men are very excited about the opportunity to own and carry a pocketknife. In many families this may be a rite of passage. It is important that the Scout understands a pocketknife is a tool and not a toy, and how to responsibly handle and use the pocketknife when he is around others.

Bear Necessities

This adventure will introduce new Scouts to basic outdoor skills while helping more experienced Scouts improve and develop skills they learned in previous ranks.

Fellowship and Duty to God

To practice their duty to God, Bear Scouts will have opportunities in this adventure to be good neighbors, reaching out in fellowship to people in their communities. They will experience the universal principle, common to many religions, that we should treat others the way we want to be treated.

Fur , Feathers, and Ferns

In this adventure, Bears will explore the outdoor world of mammals, birds, plants, and more! They will understand that every living thing has a home—often very close by. Scouts will also discover that almost every living thing’s neighborhood is a home to at least one type of another living thing. Protecting those homes, called habitats, is up to everyone, and Bears can help!

Baloo the Builder

Learning to work with wood to create fun and useful items is a good skill for anyone to have. This adventure will expose the Bear Scout to the safe and proper use of hand tools, how to determine the correct type of wood for a project, and how to construct an item. The adventure also offers a good opportunity to bring parents of the Scouts or other adults with woodworking skills into the den setting, asking them to help with some of the technical aspects.

Paws for Action (Duty to Country)

Scouts of this age are learning to become more independent. In this adventure, Bears will learn how to take care of themselves and be a help to their family, community, and the environment. Additionally, they will continue to learn about patriotism and loyalty to our country.

Elective Adventures

A Bear Goes Fishing

Fishing is a skill that can become a lifelong hobby, or possibly a career. It can be done alone, or with family or friends. This adventure lays some groundwork for the Fishing merit badge once the Bear becomes a Boy Scout. This adventure is meant to be fun and can be used for teaching several points of the Scout Law such as trustworthy, helpful, courteous, obedient, thrifty, cheerful, clean, and even reverent.

Bear Picnic Basket

This adventure introduces Bear Scouts to the fun of preparing their own meals and snacks. They learn basic skills and safety practices when cooking inside or outside. Scouts also learn how to select, prepare, and perfect their own recipes. The skills learned in this adventure can be the groundwork for the Cooking merit badge and the quartermaster leadership position once the Bear becomes a Boy Scout.

Beat of the Drum

In this adventure, Bears will learn about another culture and how it might relate to them.

Critter Care

Bear Scouts will learn how caring for a pet fosters responsibility and offers a sense of companionship that they can nurture and cherish throughout their lives. This adventure also gives them an opportunity to learn about the many ways animals return the favor and assist people in need.


This activity will help the Bear Scout learn about being observant, looking for clues, and solving situations with those clues.

Grin and Bear It

In this adventure, Cub Scouts will learn the value of helping other people have fun. The goal is to make sure all boys and leaders are wearing a grin!

Make It Move

This adventure teaches the boys about action and reaction. Using common objects, Bear Scouts will learn about chain reactions, pulleys, and levers. The boys will take all of the things that they learn and create a fun Rube Goldberg–type machine.

Marble Madness

In this adventure, Bears will learn about a game that has entertained people since the time of ancient Egypt and has been an important part of Scouting since its early days. They will experience individual competition and teamwork, helping others, learning rules, and being a good sport.

Roaring Laughter

Laughing provides many health benefits. It also enhances teamwork and improves alertness, creativity, and memory. In this adventure, Bear Scouts will share laughter with others, strengthening their bond with family members and the den.


Advances in science and technology have created a world of possibilities. Robots of many shapes and sizes can now perform tasks traditionally done by humans—from sensing the speed of a vehicle to sorting items based on color. In this elective adventure, Bear Scouts will learn how different types of robots are used and then create their own simple robotic figures.

Salmon Run

This adventure will introduce Bear Scouts to swimming safety, boating safety, physical development and fitness, skill development, and fun in the water. Bears in nature like to swim and play in the water, and so can Bear Scouts.

Super Science

In this adventure, Bear Scouts will get a little messy but gain a lot of knowledge! Science is an everyday wonder that Scouts can learn more about by simply using ordinary household supplies. Their actions will create amazing reactions in fun investigations exploring static electricity, oil and water, sinking versus floating, and color morphing and layering.

A World of Sound

Every culture has its own unique instruments. In this adventure, Scouts will “visit” three different parts of the world and explore some of their musical sounds. Boys will get the chance to make their own versions of three instruments from those places and take them home to share with their family.


The Bear Cub Scout uniform has the following parts:

  1. Shirt—The official blue uniform shirt is available with long or short sleeves and has button-flap pockets.
  2.  Pants— Shorts, long pants, and roll up pants all are in official blue.
  3. Belt—Official navy-blue web belt with metal buckle.
  4. Socks—Official socks are available in three lengths: ankle, crew, and knee. Bear socks have a yellow band on the top.
  5. Hat—Official blue hat with light blue front and Bear emblem.
  6.  Neckerchief—Light blue triangular neckerchief with Bear logo. Official BSA neckerchiefs are the only neckerchiefs that are part of the uniform.
  7. Neckerchief slide—Official gold-tone metal slide with light blue Bear emblem. Cub Scouts may wear handmade neckerchief slides.
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