Wolf Badge of Rank

The Wolf Den, Den 5,  is comprised of Scouts who are in the second grade or are 7 years old.

Den Leaders

Position Open; Contact Robert Stackhouse , Pack Committee Chair, via the contact form on this website for more information.

Meeting Dates



Cub Scouts earn adventures that are specific to their grade and rank.  A number of adventures must be completed to earn the badge of rank for each grade level. Adventures may be earned in any order.  Completion of adventures is how the aims of character, citizenship, leadership, and personal fitness are developed.

Required Adventures

Call of the Wild

Many boys join Scouting because they want to go camping. This adventure will introduce Wolves to several camping skills—selecting and bringing gear, participating with their families in campfire shows, and being prepared for bad weather. They will also learn about animals they might see, the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids, tying knots, and how to handle potentially harmful situations.

Council Fire

This adventure will give Wolf Scouts the opportunity to learn more about their neighborhood and community structure, how they can be a part of their community through service, and how others have provided service to our country.

Duty to God Footsteps

This adventure will help each Wolf Scout develop a consistent awareness of his duty to God. He will also explore ways that he can practice his family’s beliefs as part of living out his duty to God.

Howling at the Moon

This adventure will give Cub Scouts an opportunity to become comfortable speaking in front of others. It will also serve as a foundation for organizing and performing a campfire program.

Paws on the Path

This adventure will encourage the development of hiking skills in Scouts.

Running with the Pack

This adventure will promote physical fitness and good health through games and other fun activities.

Elective Adventures

Adventures in Coins

Coins are more than just money. In this adventure, Wolves will learn how to spot the various markings on a coin and identify the meanings. Through games and experiments, they will learn how to determine the value of a coin.

Air of the Wolf

This STEM-based adventure helps Wolves explore basic aspects of air—often an overlooked substance. Then they discover some of the many things that air can do for us.

Code of the Wolf

This STEM-based adventure engages Wolves in fun math-related activities that range from counting and simple arithmetic to geometric shapes and code.

Collections and Hobbies

Everywhere we look, we see collections. A collection of plants is a garden; a collection of cows is a herd. And any group of objects that are similar and special to you counts as a collection, too. That collection tells others what you find interesting, and as you expand the collection, you gain new skills and understanding.

Cubs Who Care

This adventure is intended to help Wolf Scouts learn about physical disabilities, which are more easily understood at their age than learning and intellectual disabilities.

Digging in the Past

This elective adventure will help Wolf Scouts understand the formation of fossils.

Finding Your Way

Learning to read and use a map and a compass is a valuable skill. In this adventure, Scouts will receive an introduction to maps, symbols, and the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. They will also learn the basic functions of a compass.

Germs Alive!

This adventure teaches Wolf Scouts about the importance of keeping a clean room, proper hand washing, and covering their sneezes—through fun, hands-on (and gross!) science experiments.

Grow Something

In this adventure, Wolves will come to understand how plants grow and the importance of taking care of our natural resources and the environment. They will also learn about the tools needed to plant and tend a garden.

Hometown Heros

In this adventure, Wolf Scouts will learn about the heroes within their community. By getting to know some real-life heroes and honoring their service, the Wolves will see the importance of living the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and gain an understanding of what makes a hero.

Motor Away

We live in an electronic world. This adventure gives Wolf Scouts the chance to rely on the power in their own bodies by blowing air, throwing planes, or using rubber bands. They will have the chance to explore propulsion in its most basic form. Motor Away, Wolves!

Paws of Skill

In this adventure, Wolf Scouts will learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship, as well as keeping themselves healthy and f

Spirit of the Water

Water, water everywhere—water to drink, water to cook our food, water to clean our bodies and our teeth, and water to play in! In this adventure, Wolf Scouts will learn how to conserve water and keep it clean in their homes and neighborhoods. Then they’ll have a chance to swim together, having fun and practicing aquatics safety.


The Bear Cub Scout uniform has the following parts:

  1. male-wolf-171x300Shirt—The official blue uniform shirt is available with long or short sleeves and has button-flap pockets.
  2.  Pants— Shorts, long pants, and roll up pants all are in official blue.
  3. Belt—Official navy-blue web belt with metal buckle.
  4. Socks—Official socks are available in three lengths: ankle, crew, and knee. Bear socks have a yellow band on the top.
  5. Hat—Official blue hat with light blue front and Bear emblem.
  6.  Neckerchief—Either yellow or red triangular neckerchief with Wolf logo. Official BSA neckerchiefs are the only neckerchiefs that are part of the uniform.
  7. Neckerchief slide—Official gold-tone metal slide with red Wolf emblem. Cub Scouts may wear handmade neckerchief slides.
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