Pinewood Derby

All Scouts in Pack 60 are strongly encouraged to enter a car to participate in Pinewood Derby. Pinewood Derby is an excellent opportunity for scouts to develop and demonstrate craftsmanship, healthy competitiveness, and good sportsmanship. Please take note of the design competitions for scouts, listed below, and adhere to the rules that follow. Any failure to adhere to the rules may result in disqualification prohibiting a scout or scouts from entering the race on race day.

Design Competitions

  • Best Paint Job
  • Most Realistic – closely resemble an actual car/truck
  • Most Unique/Funniest – use your imagination
  • Most Cub Scout Spirit – use Cub Scout colors, logos, etc.


Design and Construction


  • Maximum dimensions: 7 inches long by 2¾ (2.75) inches wide by 4 ½ (4.5) inches high
  • Track (ground) clearance: ⅜ (0.375) inches
  • Inside wheel to wheel clearance: 1¾ (1.75) inches
  • Wheelbase: 5⅜ (5.375) inches


  • Maximum weight of car: 5.00 ounces
  • Weights may be used on the car
  • Weights must be fixed, solid, nonmagnetic, and must not affect any dimension above
  • Car weight will be measured by official scales only

Wheels and Axles

  • Use only BSA wheels and axles
    • This means no open hub wheels
  • Axles must be places into factory cut grooves
  • Wheel and axle preparations should not significantly alter their original dimensions or shape
    • E.g. No drilling out wheels or excessive shaving.
  • Wheel edges must be parallel to axle and track
  • Wheel/axle may use dry lubricants (e.g. graphite, powdered teflon)
  • Lubricants must be applied before check-in and not in excess


  • Car number must be clearly visible when car is sitting on a table
  • Accessories are permitted and encouraged for use in design categories
  • Accessories must be fixed and allow car to meet all other rules


  • Car cannot be constructed in such a way as to get a boost from the starting mechanism of the track
  • Disallowed for use with wheels and axles: washers, inserts, sleeves, bearings, springs or suspensions

Race Rules

Once checked in, a scout will no longer be able to touch their car. Each car will race in four heats: one heat for each lane of the track. The car with the lowest total time (sum of all heat times) will be the winner. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be awarded. If an event occurs during the race such as a car coming apart or run off the track due to no external factors, that cars time(s) will stand. If that car cannot continue the race is over for that car. If external influence/errors stop a car (such as a car being hit by another car that jumped the track) that heat will be re-run for all cars able to continue.

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