Blanco State Park and Natural Bridge Caverns Camping Trip

Dec. 4th – 5th scouts and their families from our troop went on a camping trip to Blanco State Park and then to Natural Bridge Caverns for a tour and had fun on the canopy challenge and maze.  The boys who camped earned the Polar Bear badge for camping in freezing weather. The campground was very nice and the boys also enjoyed a natural trail hike with a park ranger.  They earned their junior ranger certificates.  The outside temperatures were in the high 50’s to low 60’s when we got to the caverns but the tour felt like 85 degrees due to 99% humidity.  This can be seen in the flash photo below that has a rainbow  from all the moisture in the air!
Pack60_Blanco Pack60_Caverns_1 Pack60_Caverns Pack60_Caverns_humidity CavernsIMG_3308Pack60_Caverns_3

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