Pinewood Derby

The derby will be held in the “Big House” (the smaller chapel just as you turn in where we have had a few Pack meetings)

We will set up on Friday evening, and will need parents there that have younger scouts so that they can learn how to set up the track. You guys will need to be able to set it up next year without us…… 🙂 Also, someone will need to shadow Markus to learn the software. It is easy, but again….next year we likely will not be participating.

Pack 60 – Pinewood Derby
March 23, 2013
12:00 pm – Weigh-In Starts – Christ United Methodist Church
1:00 pm – Race Starts – Christ United Methodist Church

The race STARTS at 1 p.m. If you are not checked in prior to that time, you will be out of luck. We have to have cars weighed and logged into the computer system PRIOR to start time. Please try to come as close to noon as possible as many cars will need to have additional weight added or taken away, and possibly a fix it or something…..once cars are checked in officially, nobody is to touch them except the one placing it on the track for racing until after the race.

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